• The Whole Kit n' Caboodle

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    Save 10% and buy the entire Mrs. Jones' Soapbox product line. This combo pack includes each of the Mrs. Jones' Soapbox products so you can simplify your cleaning routine and make your home a healthier house to live in. You'll receive the 5 household cleaning products plus a jar of laundry soap that will last you through 75-100 loads of laundry detergent and a box of Toilet Bowl Bombs. Who knows? Maybe you'll even look forward to cleaning now!

    Includes one of each:

    Clean - all-purpose disinfecting spray
    Sparkle - glass, granite, mirrors & stainless steel cleaner
    Shine - wood & furniture polish
    Scrub - soft scrub cleaner
    Soapy - concentrated, all-purpose dilutable
    Toilet Bowl Bombs
    Laundry Detergent + Fabric Softener combo for 75-100 loads of laundry


  • The Whole Kit n' Caboodle
  • The Whole Kit n' Caboodle

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