• 100% Pure & Natural Tea Tree Essential Oil

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  • Description

    This bold and powerful Tea Tree Essential Oil by Mrs. Jones' Soapbox is one oil you always want to keep in stock. It's native to Australia and has been used there as an alternative medicinal treatment for almost a century. The oil is distilled from the leaves of this myrtle-like tree and it's packed with greatness. Tea Tree oil is fungicidal, antiseptic, anti-infectious, anti-inflammatory, anti-viral and a natural parasiticide. It adds a medicinal smell but it leaves behind natural healing. 


    How To Use 
    Tea Tree oil is one of the most powerful natural weapons we have to fight mold & mildew. Add it to a spray bottle and spritz your shower each day to keep the grout and corners free of mold. It's also a great addition to your shampoo/conditioner routine. It helps to keep the scalp healthy and lice are not fond of the scent. It has many uses in the laundry and bathrooms and it's perfect for a homemade hand sanitizing spray.  

    Complimentary Oils 
    Tea Tree essential oil blends well with Lemon, Lavender, Eucalyptus and Grapefruit.   

    Details + Ingredients

    • 15mL  amber bottle with dropper top
    • Botanical Name- Melaleuca Alternifolia
    • Country of Origin-  Austrailia
    • Extraction Method- Steam Distilliation

    Suggested Dilution
    Tea Tree oil is quite strong and needs to be kept out of reach from children. It may be applied to minor skin irritations sparingly, or diluted into water, about 10 drops per spray bottle.

    About Mrs. Jones' Soapbox Products 
    Mrs. Jones’ Soapbox is a line of non-toxic, eco-friendly household cleaning products made from natural minerals and vegetable based soaps. The goal is to choose the least toxic approach to cleaning, use as little cleaning product as possible and reduce the need to clean. 


    Uplift your cleaning experience! When an essential oil is inhaled, various neurochemicals are released in the brain providing you with a changes in mind, body and spirit. 

    Lemon essential oil can be as an odor eliminator for those tough kitchen smells. Freshen your hands with lemon after cutting an onion, place a few drops in the sink to reduce odor or diffuse for an uplifting mood enhancer.


    • 100% Pure & Natural Tea Tree Essential Oil
    • 100% Pure & Natural Tea Tree Essential Oil

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