• Soft Cleaning Scrub

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    This all-natural Soft Cleaning Scrub smells so good you'll want to eat it! Close your eyes and imagine cleaning your bathroom with a jar of cake frosting that seems to magically remove soap scum and grime. That's what it's like to use this product. It changes the whole experience of cleaning and makes it more fun and enjoyable. 

    Great for:
    • Sinks, tubs, showers and toilet bowls
    • Pretreating clothing stains
    • Handwashing dishes, pots & pans
    • Non-toxic oven cleaner

    Ingredients: baking soda, distilled water, borax, castile soap, washing soda, citric acid, coarse salt, oxygen bleach, cream of tartar, hydrogen peroxide, vinegar, vodka, essential oil blend (almond, coconut and oregano)

    Please recycle or refill your jar when empty. 

    Several ingredients that are common in cleaning supplies can cause asthma to develop in otherwise healthy people. In 2009, the Environmental Working Group studied 21 cleaners that are commonly used in schools and found that six of them emitted asthmagens into the air – formaldehyde, methyl methacrylate and styrene. Keep the air and the surfaces in your home truly clean by using a safe, natural cleaner like Mrs. Jones' Soapbox Soft Cleaning Scrub.

  • Soft Cleaning Scrub
  • Soft Cleaning Scrub

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