Mrs. Jones' Soapbox

  • Tomorrow is Monday. Don’t forget to be awesome.

    The weekends seem to fly by, and before you know it it’s Monday again. Monday is a state of mind, so put on your sassy pants and be a Monday warrior. I know it’s never as easy as it sounds, but whether you’re starting a new fitness plan, eating better, walking more or dedicating the week to more YOU time, there is no better time to start than on a Monday. I’ve compiled a few healthy tips to help get you through the week. 



    • Make sure you drink a ton of H2O. Water not only helps control calories, but it also energizes muscles, helps your kidneys, and helps skin looking good! 


    • Journal. When you wake up each morning, write down three goals for the day. That way you will start your day with a positive and clear mindset. Before bed, cross them off, and it will feel so good having achieved those goals.


    • Make your bed each morning. It starts your day off right and encourages you to keep the rest of your room tidy. It's also known to lead to better productivity and improves your mood.


    • Listen to happy tunes. We all know that music is a mood enhancer, so don’t be shy! Blast out your favorite songs while getting ready for work and in the car. Throw in a few dance moves to lift your mood even more. 


    • Find time to relax. Spend 10 minutes a day relaxing or meditating. Weeks can get hectic. Refuse to get sucked into it. It will help stabilize your mind and help you to fight any stress that may be coming your way.


    • Keep conversations positive. A heated argument or fight can ruin your entire day, let alone your entire week. 


    • Keep moving. It’s ok if you can’t get yourself to the gym! Every little bit helps. Climb the stairs instead of the escalator, park your car a little further away, take your dog for a walk … These little efforts will make all the difference in getting your heart rate pumping and your body moving.


    • Read. If you want to be inspired, read inspirational essays or books. If you want to feel happy, read essays or books on happiness. Read whatever you like — it’s a great way to get your mind thinking.


    • Pay it forward. Pay for someone’s coffee, donate your books, smile at someone, pick up trash, make a food donation. The opportunities are endless. 


    OK, Monday, let's do this! 

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