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  • Mrs. Jones' Soapbox Laundry Soap, Now Available in Lavender or Unscented

    Hi, Friends!

    As I mentioned in my Instagram post last week, I've given the laundry soap a fresh, new makeover and I'd like to tell you all about it. This product has been a Mrs. Jones' Soapbox fan favorite from day one. Just thinking about changing it was a little daunting but I've long wanted to offer an unscented version, which I wasn't able to do with recipe as it was. So I did some tinkering and testing and I'm excited to debut this new & improved laundry soap & fabric softener product. 


    Here's a quick breakdown on what's new about the product, and what's the same.


    • The color and consistency of the new soap is different. Removing the soap flakes gives it a more powder-like consistency, which is nice because it dissolves better in the HE machines that use less water. 
    • The new soap is available in Lavender or Unscented (great for people with skin sensitivities or allergies). 


    • The ingredients are still gentle and natural.
    • It does not produce any bubbles so it's the best laundry soap for HE washers and septic systems. 
    • You only need 1 heaping spoonful per wash so one laundry jar or refill bag will last you through 75-100 washes! 

    Another big change to the Laundry Soap & Fabric Softener is the refill packaging. I increased the amount of laundry soap that comes in each refill bag so I could cut down on unnecessary packaging. I try to be conscious of the waste my business produces and this seemed like a smart improvement to make.  The current refill bag would refill your jar one time. The new refill bag will refill it two times. I also created a bulk refill option (9 LBS, which is three bags) because so many of you loved and subscribed to the Buy 5, Get 1 Free refill option. The pricing is all the same! And don't forget you can save an extra 5% off the soap when you sign up for the Subscribe & Save program

    I also changed the bag material to something a little more "sturdy" to handle all the jostling these products get when we ship them to you. I was hearing from quite a few of you that the old refill bags were bursting in shipment so this new bag should eliminate that problem.

    I truly hope you love the new soap as much as I do! Here's a $5 off coupon for laundry soap (either the jar or refill bag) if you'd like to give it a try. {Coupon Code- newlaundrysoap}

    And finally, keeping in this spirit of newness, I'm so excited to say the NEW bottles for Clean, Shine, Sparkle & Soapy will begin shipping next week. Until then, scoop up the last of the old ones at a deep discount here!!

    Thanks so much for your continued support and interest in the Mrs. Jones' Soapbox product line. I appreciate each one of you and feel so lucky to provide you and your family with these safe, natural cleaning products.

    Take care,

    PS- If you currently have a Subscription for the Laundry Soap, your subscription will automatically update to the equivalent option in Unscented. If you want to change this, or need any other help, please e-mail Sarah at or log in to your account HERE

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    • Jamie says...

      @Laura Stephens- this is the correct code but you must have a Laundry Refill or Laundry Jar in your cart for it to work.

      @Mary Reif I hope you will love the Lavender, too! It’s a nice, clean scent.

      @John Dennis- Yes! It cleans just as well.

      @Emily Vargas Thank you!

      @Bev Rockey It will only be available in the 3 LB size now. The old bag was ripping open too often and also so many people were buying 6 at a time that I thought it made more sense to cut down on some of the packaging. 3 bags with pre-printed labels instead of 6 bags with 6 labels. Sorry to disappoint you!

      On May 04, 2017

    • Laura Stephens says...

      I’ve tried entering “newlaundrysoap” as the discount code and am receiving a message “unable to find a valid discount matching the code entered”.

      On May 04, 2017

    • Mary Reif says...

      I am a new subscriber and user of your laundry soap which I absolutely love. Since it is only the two of us it takes us awhile to go thru the original amount even though I’ve tried to rewash everything to get rid of the nasty smell from our old front loader washer.
      Anyway since I love the smell of the current laundry soap I am a little disappointed to hear that you are changing the scent. Hopefully I will love the lavender as well as the non-scented soap isn’t for me – I love clean smelling laundry.
      I am spreading the word about your products and soon hope to purchase several more myself.

      On May 04, 2017

    • John Dennis says...

      I enjoyed the soap flakes myself. I enjoyed the scent it had even though it was faint. It looks like the powder is all white this time. Does it clean the same and do the same as before the formula was changed.

      On May 04, 2017

    • Emily Vargas says...

      Jaimie…you’re a wonder! Love all of your products and can’t wait to try the new and improved laundry soap!

      On May 03, 2017

    • Bev Rockey says...

      So you will no longer sell the older bag ? I really liked that size !!!!

      On May 03, 2017

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