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  • Find Joy in Organizing and Decluttering.

    Whether you're all in on the Marie Kondo craze, or just need some easy solutions to feeling fresh and ready for the New Year, these organizing tips tackle clutter and create space where you never knew you had it. 


    Invest in drawer organizers

    I know a “junk drawer” is common in most households, but a messy drawer does not help your productivity. Mix and match acrylic dividers so your pens, pencils, tape, staples and Post-it notes all have a spot to live.

    Hang cleaning products 

    Use a door hanging organizer to hang your cleaning supplies for easy access.

    Practice file folding

    Folding towels, t-shirts, shorts and athletic wear upright allows you to see everything you own in a single glance. No more digging through your drawers to find what you are looking for … Plus, rolling items actually saves space.

    Hang pots and pans

    Instead of taking up valuable cabinet space with these clunky items, use Command Hooks to hang them on an unused wall or invest in a ceiling pot rack.

     Hang a hair station

    Arrange small bins with adhesive strips on the inside of your bathroom cabinet doors to create a home for hot tools, brushes, and hair ties. A magnetic strip keeps bobby pins, nail clippers, and tweezers from getting lost.

    Double up on hangers

    Hooked together with a can tab, two hangers eat up way less closet space.

    Create a drop zone

    This is great, especially if you have stairs in your home. A basket or bin in a dedicated spot (bottom of stairs) for everyday items can help prevent your entire home from eventually looking like a tornado hit it. Bring the basket upstairs when you head up for the evening. 

    Hang jewelry on a pegboard

    By framing the pegboard and painting it makes it double as wall art.

    Contain plastic shopping bags

    If a pile of grocery store bags is taking over your cabinet space, stuff them into empty tissue boxes for a handy, compact solution.

    Stash cutting boards on a door

    A wire bin placed on the back of your cabinet door can hold cutting boards that normally take up space on your counter and shelves. 

     Happy Organizing,


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    • Chris Silveira says...

      That was pretty awesome … I totally learned a thing or two.

      On February 06, 2019

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