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  • Creating a shared room for my girls

    When my girls were three & one-years-old, I moved them into a room together. There's a beautiful oak tree right outside that window so I was going for a tented, camping feel.  Here are some of the things I loved about moving my girls into a shared bedroom, and some that I hated. 

    The sleeping quarters

    I created one long, wall-to-wall bed using mattresses from IKEA's growing toddler bed system so it was a set of one larger mattress and two smaller rectangle mattresses (similar here). I picked up another set to add a second layer to the bed. It was cozy and unique.

    Pros- My girls and every single other child that went into this room LOVED to jump on this bed. It was the ultimate trampoline and also perfect for fort building. It was a constant source of exercise, imagination and giggles. 
    Cons- Every single child wanted to jump on this bed. It was not convenient at all to put sheets on this bed so I spent a lot of time fixing and changing out linens.

     Since kids love small spaces I hung some beautiful, white ruffle curtains from the ceiling to flank the end of each bed. It closed in the sleeping area and made it feel a little more cozy. For my first attempt I used a track system from Ikea and when that didn’t pan out, I switched to regular curtain rods

    Pros- It looked so beautiful! It made each of their spaces a little more private and definitely gave the beds more of that tented feeling.
    Cons- It was totally impractical. As my husband predicted, within a month of hanging it, someone tried to swing from one of the curtains tarzan-style and it ripped an entire track out of the ceiling. I was not happy at the end of this playdate! For the next attempt I changed the curtain rod style and put the curtains on clips thinking if they were pulled, they would un-clip before ripping the hardware completely out of the ceiling.  This solved that problem but they were still sort of a pain. They would get tangled in blankets, or someone would sit on the end by accident and they would rip at the top where the clips were. I tried pushing them to the side like regular curtains but they just didn’t look right. This was definitely a case of beauty over function and I would NOT attempt it again with a young child’s bed. 

    This room doesn't get a lot of natural light so I wanted to add a few layers of extra lighting. I hung some twinkle lights over the window to bring some soft lighting to their bed area. We went through two different ceiling light fixtures. The first was a beautiful glass pendant with an Edison bulb that gave off a decent amount of light. Unfortunately it hung a little too low in the room and ultimately was broken by someone swinging a plastic golf club at it. (Sounds like anarchy in this house, right?). I decided to replace it with a capiz shell fixture I already had on hand. Although it didn’t give off great light, it was really beautiful and gave of a soothing, tinkling noise when the air conditioner was on. 

    Wall Decor

    By moving them into the same room, I was able to turn one of the rooms into a playroom. I made a point to leave only books in their bedroom so it became a place for just reading and resting. (And trampolining.) In the beginning I wanted to surround their bed with floating bookshelves so they'd always have a good selection of books nearby. I tried shelves just below the window, shelves on the sides of the window and shelves way above their heads. Y'all, they tore them all down! You'd think I was running a zoo over here. No matter where I placed the shelves, they became ledges for hanging on so I eventually removed them all and just went with one large shelf on the wall opposite of the beds. 

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