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    I started this business in 2008. I was newly married and the proud owner of a brand new home that was spotless. I had lots of time and big ideas about how I wanted to change the world. I was passionate about the environment so I set out to develop a line of cleaning products that would give me a platform to teach from and give you guys a healthier alternative to the smelly, toxic products that were out there. 

    Nearly 10 years later so much has changed. My husband and I have two beautiful daughters (ages 3 & 5) and we live in a house that hasn't been spotless since the day we brought our first baby home. I still have lots of big ideas but I am always short on time. 

    I made some HUGE changes to the business this year. Some of them I told you about (like the new laundry formula and packaging) and some of them I never shared. The news got lost in the shuffle of a busy Summer filled with swimming lessons and playdates and an even busier Fall with both girls starting school and me adjusting to life as a Professional Mom Chauffer. But I am so proud of how everything turned out so and I'm excited to show you. So without further ado, here's the rundown on what else is new.

    The products have new names.

    This one is the biggest and scariest change but I'm really excited about it. Even though my longtime customers, family and friends liked the old names of Clean, Sparkle, Shine and Soapy, I didn't feel like they made sense to people that were new to the line. I didn't want people to be confused about what to use where or to pick up a bottle on a store shelf and have to wonder what it is. The new bottles keep things simple. For example, the All-Purpose Spray that we called Clean is now called.... All-Purpose Spray. It's not as cute or catchy but practicality wins out here. I also updated the color schemes and label designs so they bottles were easier to read.

    All-Purpose Dilutable now comes with a dispensing pump.

    Formerly known as Soapy, this All-Purpose Dilutable needed an easier dispensing method. The cap seemed inconvenient and it was confusing for people to know how much of the product they needed. This way it's easier to get it from the bottle to a sponge, pail of water, sink of dishes, etc. I've been using it this way for about 6 months now and I love it! I use about 2-3 pumps per gallon of water. More or less just depending on what I'm cleaning. 

    Still more to come.

    I'm working on a few more things, like a new jar for the laundry soap, a new name for the Toilet Bowl Bombs and kit of essential oils, but I'll save those for the new year. For now I have to focus on surviving the busy holiday season! 

    Thank you all for loving and supporting this line of cleaning products. I am so lucky to have this opportunity!


    Take care, Mrs. Jones

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    • Lynne Shay says...

      Love the idea of the new bottle names. I’m sure they will be a big hit with all the customers…new and old. The most important thing is how well they perform and I can testify that all work great. I’ve been using them for a few years now. My cleaning crew uses them too and they are experts at dirt and grime.

      On November 19, 2017

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